Sunday, August 14, 2011

When RASSMUSSEN REPORT'S Necessity Facilitate's Ownership then you know I have met America and America has met myself; and as the love afair grow's we will seek to groom the 45th President of these great United State's of America ---- Regard's Roland Durphy Menard III ---


Greetings America, listen to O Beautiful for Spacious Skies << Link << and you can read from the original composer later on this page.

We the People, for the People, by the People in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and provide for the common welfare do hereby take back our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness !

I am the Founder of the Moderation Affiliation an Affiliation of Democrats, Independents and Republicans who Utilize the Adjunct Precept of All Parties; Everything in Moderation and what's Best for the Whole.

My name is Roland Durphy Menard III and Independent seeking the Office of the Presidency of these Great United States of America as the 45th President of the United States of America and I Promise you Concrete Steps. I am running a Grass Root's Campaign as Good Judgement Politics should never need donation's. I love my country, who doesn't, so that isn't a good enough reason for me to feel I am the best person for the job.
Our Country has been run by Partisan Politics's, Administration
after Administration, flip flopping the entire vision for America,
Democrat then Republican and back again. Causing our Great
Nation to repeat history again and again. The Republican Candidate's have Republican vision's for America of which speak to an entirely different direction for America. We can't afford Politics's as usual and that is why I feel I am the best person for the job. I love my Country, America, but that isn't a good enough reason for me to believe I am the best person to run this fine Country. President Barack Obama had no experience either yet who does until they do. President Barack Obama didn't even have the fore sight, Patriot Dream, of O Beautiful for Spacious Sky's that see's beyond the year's, to acknowledge that by gracing a Stimulus Package or spending $1.4 trillion over 10 year's on Health Care Reform we would not be able to balance our Budget, bowed to Partisan Politics's, loosing our AAA rating; While in fact it is a Power of the President to write the budget and by Executive Order would have taken 2/3 Majority to over turn.

What has happened to our Great American Democracy is that over the year's Politics's as usual has altered the course of human event's to go from one party to another with opposite vision's for America, costing this Great Nation and the People our Life, Liberty and our Pursuit of Happiness doing a 180* turn around Administration After Administration. I promise you, America, that I will not sign a partisan bill during my Administration.

As President of these United State's of America we will break the cycle of Partisan Politics's, Politics's as usual, taking Concrete Steps, Patriot Dream's, that see's beyond the years.

If you are a Democrat, if you will, remain a Democrat; If you are a Republican, if you will, remain a Republican; If you are an Independent, if you will, remain an Independent; I am going to need Liberal, Moderate and Conservative input in Congress !

I will March Myself over to the Democrat's and ask " Watcha Got ? "; I will March Myself over to the Independents and ask " Watcha Got ? "; I will March Myself over to the Republicans, in Congress, and ask " Watcha Got ? " . Then I will take what they give me back to my office and make since of what is best for the whole; I will bring my findings forward with you America and have a Fire Side Chat on what Concrete Bi-Partisan Legislation that we have come up with; Then you, America, will weigh in on the Legislation and we will do what you decide. I'll make my final decision on which direction to take once you, the American People, weigh in on the legislation based on wrether or not Congress is on the same page as the White House plug form feedback. For example : If the People have weighed in and said yes to a bill and Congress say's no then I will executive order the legislation based on the People's determination and will take 2/3 rd's majority in both the United State's Senate and House of Representative's to over turn.

I will set up the White House plug form so you can weigh in on the issue at hand. I will set it up so that you can have a copy sent to your respective United States Representatives Office, A copy to your State Legislature and even a selection box, if you will, to send a copy to your respective Governor's. I will set up the White House plug form to give you, the American People, real time feedback with a Yea and Nae selection box when we are weighing in on issues.

True Democracy

This is how I plan to get thing's done in a timely manner. All of Congress will have their plug form's set up the same as the White House plug form. We will cashe on Capital Hill and then do a fire side chat on the legislation at hand. The people will weigh in and we will do what the people decide. I project a two week time frame on each of the forgoing proponent's to my vision for America.

This is what has happened as a result of partisan politics's. It is projected that we will raise our debt ceiling $ 2 Trillion annually through 2065.

That is why I believe I am the best person to run this fine Country. This is what will happen as result of my vision for America and working across the isle. I promise you, America, we will pay down on our National Debt at the rate of $4 Trillion annually, never raising our dept cieling ever again. What is important, America, is that we restore our AAA rating to the bank's, drive down the prime interest rate making loan's for vehicle's, house's and the thing's we need more accessible.

These are the Concrete Steps that I look forward to of which I estimate a timeline of a year on to have in full swing; I will take care of these Great United State's of America first and fore most and in the order listed; I will Intermittently work on International Affair's; Most of my Cabinet and Adviser's will stay the same as the current Administration with few exception's and appointment's, as I plan to Commission a New Department of Home Land Business and have asked Mr. Donald Trump to head up the new Department; I will Commission a new Department of Militia that will be called in a State of Emergency under Article II Section I of the United State's Constitution appointing a Secretary and joint Chief's of Staff; I put the State's as a priority and will work closely with the National Association of Governor's throughout my Administration appointing to my Cabinet a Secretary of the National Association Governors so that the State's are always reconciled with the Federal Government. I will be the first President ever to respect the State's, as I do. Thank you National Association of Governor's for selecting a crew.


The Fore going is my  own original Methodology and we will use it on the Economy

What we will do, America, is legislate parity in taxation; We will raise the upper Quentile earner' to pay on 100% of their Federal pre tax income at the rate of 15% and the under Quentile earner's will also pay on % 100 of their pre tax income at the rate of 15%.
We need updated reporting of our GDP also as it is Impossible that our GDP is $15.987 Trillion at this time as it is that the Congressional Budget Office estimated our GDP at an index growth rate of 1% annually since we began keeping track in 1937. Actually we have had 7.156% growth rate as recently as last FY: 2011. What I estimate, since we have figured our GDP at 1% since the beginning of recordation, is that our GDP is more in the range of $ 79,935 Trillion at this time compounding our actual index growth rate annually Indexing 5% growth rate. However, I Promise You that I will provide accurate updated reporting of which I plan to accomplish through the new Department of Homeland Business requiring Business's to report , by electronic filing, directly to the Department of Home Land Business who, in turn, will report to the C.B.O. and IRS.  

We will stop off Shore banking, calling it a tax haven, that is not even the Letter of the Law on Pre Tax Income as only 14.8% of the Upper Quentile Federal Tax's are paid at this time on 15% of $250,000 annually costing this Great Nation $100 Billion in revenue annually; REF :  The way I plan to get a handle on this is grant an Amnesty period for fund's transfer back to these United State's of America once our prime interest rate is equitable to assure an accurate updated reporting of our actual GDP.

I will do business tax's contemporaneous with the new Federal Income Tax so that tax's are never repealed by the Democrat's for the Federal Income Tax and the Republican's for the Business Tax's. What that will gaurantee is that our tax's will alway's be less and less instead of more and more and never be repealed by either side of the isle.

I will give Business's a 25% Renewable Business Tax Credit, Negotiated between the State and Federal Government that will attract foreign investor's back into these Great United State's of America; We will also lower Business Tax's by 
2 % to 9.75 % on bussiness tax's to guarantee that business's in these United State's are competitive , put People back to work and promote the common welfare of these Great United State's of America and by FY : 2014
I project $12,675 Trillion in revenue. What's important People is that our largest employer, the business sector, is competitive and it has been brought to my attention that the best way to assure such is to lower business tax's; Between the renewable business tax credit and lowering tax's business's here in these United State's of America are guaranteed a competitive edge. Business's that show growth, hiring and expansion will retain the business tax credit year after year. 

I would, keeping with my methodology, consult Congress, My Economic Adviser's and the National Association of Governor's before I brought any final rendition forward for you, the American People, to weigh in on it.

I would institute the new tax's and repeal Health Care Reform to restore our AAA Rating with Debt Relief and turn Health Care for the State and Federal Government over to the Private Sector; I would Institute Immigration Reform and GPS Detainees to lower the cost of Corrections for the States.
I project by FY:2014 a  revenue of
$ 12.675 Trillion, give or take annually after our $5.5 Trillion Budget for the Federal Government to pay down on our National Debt at the rate of $ 4 Trillion annually and sure up our Social Safety Net's like Social Security. It would solidify Medicaid and Medicare and the Indigent Health Care Programs and drive Health Care cost's down for the Private Sector. It would get control of our repeat offenders and take the Social Safety Nets like Ryan White and Education off of the Chopping Block.

Social Security Administration

We will use a portion of the $12.675 Trillion revenue after paying $ 4 Trillion on our National debt and allocating through the Secretary of the National Association of Governors  $ 800,050  Billion to the States for recovery purposes to sure up Social Security; It is estimated that in 18 year's we will have 32 year's of insolvency in the Social Security Administration and that is why we will put in trust with the Social Security Administration within the distribution portal of Supplemental Social Security the 32 year's of which would have been insolvent.


The federal government’s financing of health care will total more than $1 trillion in 2009, all told. Federal outlays for Medicare and Medicaid are about $700 billion; REF :
We will repeal Health Care Reform and move Health Care over to the Private Sector; It is the Single Payer Cooperative that is the Crown Jewel of Both the Democrat and Republican Parties. State and Federal Health Care will be transferred to the * Central Clearing House Operated by the Health Care Insurance Agency's. What that will do is, restore our AAA Rating, put your indigent population onto the Private Sector Single Payer Cooperative System and take the Administration costs for Health Care off of the State and Federal Government. The State and Federal will buy group Policy's, Subsidize, the Central Clearing House and as the Private Sector buys into the Single Payer Policy the Subsidy's will be less and less for the State and Federal Government instead of going up and up. The Single Payer Policy will be carried by every Insurance Agency the Private Sector will have options.
( * The Central Clearing House is the Indigent Health Care Insurance Agency's so no one will loose their job's; For example : The Department of Health and Human Service's now handle's the Administration of Medicare and Medicaid. The Department of Health and Human Service's will alway's have the Regulatory Oversight over Medicare and Medicaid. It is that the cost's of which will become the Private Sector

Health Insurance Agency's facilitated through the Department of Health and Human Service's )


We will carry out Immigration Reform and put a Military Special Operation's Unit at our Southern Boarder. We will Grant Amnesty to all illegal Immigrants in the United States and Home Land Security will work closely with Naturalization to screen all applicants. We will require a Census of the People every 2 Years for 6 Years. What this will do for us is we will get Control of these United States of America, get control of illegal immigration and drug trafficking. I urge you do your own research for your State on the crunched numbers as it is different in each State. What we will do is build 6 special operation's unit's at our southern boarder to include 3 in Texas, 1 in Arizona and 2 in California. It is time we stop thinking about illegal immigrant's as such; We should be thinking about them as Pilgrim's that are simply doing what each and every one of our fore bearer's have done of which is that they were Pilgrim's seeking a better life.


Senator's and House of Representative's now make a salary of $174,000 a year and are able to receive up to $150,000 from any special interest group to speak on behalf of the special interest group. I look forward to repealing special interest money and raising the salary of our United State's Senator's and House of Representative's to $ 500,000 each annually so that special interest group's are not the driving force of Congress. What this will do for us, America, is take back what is rightfully our's and give the power back to the people. It has come to my attention that special interest group's drive Congress and that is why I will raise their salary's and repeal special interest money. At an estimated cost of $250.oo Billion annually by FY :2014 to put Democracy back into perspective.

Adviser's / Cabinet / President / Vice President's Salary.

Currently the Salary for an Advisor, Cabinet member is $235,000 for the office of the Vice President $230,000 and of the President $400,000 ; Hence I look forward to raising their Salary's doubling their income at an estimated cost of $18 Billion starting FY: 2014. What's important to remember, America, is that these are the people who run the largest economy in the world and should be treated as such. The afore mention Salary's are from as far back as 2001. As the 45th President of these United State's of America I will not draw a salary just the same as George Washington the 1st President of these United State's.

Department of Malita

Under Article II Section I of the United State's Constitution the President is Commander and Chief of the Malitia; That is why I will form the new Department of Malita appointing Commander Norm Olsen to be Secretary of the Malitia; The Malitia will be relegated to answer not only to the Office of the Presidency yet also to the Office of the Governor of each of the 50 State's. The Office of the Governor will have presiding power to delegate, as is necessary, the duty of the Malitia wihin their respective State's. In addition the Department of Malitia is under the direct control of the Office of the Presidency and will have a joint chief of staff just like the Military; Further the President will relinquish control of the Malitia to the Office of the Governor of each State when in the course of human event's it become's necessary that the Office of the Governor be the presiding party.

 New Department's

In addition to appointing a new Secretary of the Malitia and Homeland Business; I look forward to a Secretary of Trade, Secretary of the F.B.I.,Secretary of the C.I.A. , Secretary of the Department of Justice, Secretary of the National Association of Governors on Capital Hill as advisor's.


Bracelets with radio communication's for the Parole or Probation Officer to contact the Parolee or Probationer, as deemed necessary, will Aid Public Safety and are readily implemented and would equally get control of Crime, Prevention and relieve the State's of overwhelming Incarceration Cost's and I quote : " The difference in cost between monitoring equipment for one bracelet, about $3,650 per year for GPS and less for the radio technology, ( cell phones clipped to the belt ) compared with the annual cost of incarceration, an average of $43,025, is enough to keep judges sending people home on house arrest. " Or just let them continue their pathological experience and I quote : " GPS technology, which uses Department of Defense satellites to track one’s location and can specify areas where the offender can and cannot travel. " REF; ; The State can even purchase GPS Tracking Technology to drive the cost of GPS Detainees even further down.

Youth Congress

What I would like to do is arrange for our Youth to have the
opportunity to have their voice's heard; It would be set up just the
same as Congress with a House of Representative's and a Senate equal to the number of and from each State and District that currently is represented in Congress; This Youth Congress would be comprised of our Youth Nationwide and would convene once a year during the summer, be elected by their piers, to discuss and propose to the Office of the Presidency their own vision for America; We will have the entire Youth Congress on the air at C-Span for the Nation to watch. I am allocating a budget of $50.oo Million to the Department of Education to facilitate the new Youth Congress Nationwide.


State of Emergency general fund State assist.

The wording of a State of Emergency is when their is enough property damage and loss of life " such as " a hurricane, tornado or volcano. I contend in each State of Emergency that there is as much if not more property damage and loss of life.

I will, in my Initial Expenditure's at the bottom of this page, allocate $ 50 Billion to the State's;
$1 Billion for each State to do whatever is deamend necessary by the State, from the Federal Government through the Office of the Secretary of the National Association of Governors for recovery purpose's. In addition the State's, through the National Association of Governor's, will have an open door policy to the Federal Reserve for any additional needs assessment brought forth by the State's that are over and above the amount set forth in this State of Emergency for recovery purpose's.

On Crime

Crime is at an all time high in America and that is why I promise you, America, that if I am remembered for one thing it will be the success of my war on crime. I have doubled each State's correction's budget, Home Land Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation's, the Department of Justice, Central Intelligence Agency, on Capital Hill, the new Department of Malitia. I gaurantee you, America, that we will get a handle on crime. We have been like a ship on the Ocean with a charted destination, searching for land. I promise you, America, land ahoy, safe harbor.

Federal Assist Intra County Incarceration.

Some County's are overwhelmed with crime and that is why
I will allocate fund's for extradition to County's that have more
room for incarceration from those County's that are overwhelmed to County's who can house criminal's. I have allocated $30.oo Billion for Intra County Incarceration of which is available to the State's upon request. What that mean's for the State's who's County's are overwhelmed with criminal activity and have no room to house them is that their criminal's
will be extradited to another County to serve out their time.

State's that are A STATE OF EMERGENCY

Particular State's, like the State of New Jersey, who spend 16% of their State's budget on crime, are in a State of Emergency. Crime is at an all time high, America, 1 out of every 32 People are now in Correction's and that is why every State of the Union of these United State's of America will be declared " A State of Emergency " so the Federal Government will give all 50 State's an Assist. In addition to monetary endowment's the new Department of the Militia will work closely with Local Law Enforcement Agency's, do a needs assessment, train operatives, on particular duty's, necessary to control Crime. In order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and provide for the common welfare this State of Emergency will be enacted at the same time as Sledge Hammer Reform, that will be a part of this State of Emergency and a power of the President.

Sledge Hammer Reform

This reform is the only Constitutional thing to do as Roe vs. Wade, the case law on Abortion suggest's that a Woman has a right to choose and I contend so does everyone else; My point is that the case Law o of Roe vs. Wade is not Gender specific. I encourage anyone to do their own research on our crime report's prior to the repeal of prohibition and then again directly there after. What you will find, America, is that crime decreased tremendously after the repeal of Prohibition.

It has come to my attention that the Drug Cartels in Mexico, South of the American Boarder, have most egregiously used Sledge Hammer's to Kill 177 Innocent People and bury them in mass graves. This is a call to action on the same; everything we, Lord Calderon and the Mexican Government has been able to do is hope to get a handle on it.

The fore going is part of a State of Emergency, Federal assist, that will legalize elicits of which will be controlled and approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration to control substance's once and for all and I will work closely with the National Association of Governor's to, by executive order, do the same across these Great United State's of America. We just can't keep doing this to ourselves, America, crime is at an all time high and it is estimated that 65% of all crime is drug related. We can't just address crime in America focusing on Law Enforcement, incarcerating more and more People, in order to get control of crime in America, we must also focus on what cause's the crime. We just can't keep doing this to ourselves and that is why we will legalize elicits as our Country is in a State of Emergency and we must get a handle on it before the problem worsens.

On Occupy Wall Street

I promise you, Occupy, to delineate the " Declaration of Occupation " at .
I will take it with me to Capital Hill and delineate it line for line.  I will also commission a new department of Occupy of which will be a watch dog on issue's before us. That is to say that this commission will monitor activism Nationwide to bring there finding's to Capital Hill. Once solidified we will also appoint a Secretary of the new office of Occupy so that Capital Hill is alway's abreast of activism in these United State's of America. Thank you Occupy for bringing these very important issue's to the for front. Here in you will find what I am doing for Homelessness in America, Job's Creation, Tax's and to raise the poverty level of which will, in turn, restore our housing market. Thank you again Occupy for all you do on behalf of the whole.

On Indian Affair's

It has come to my attention that many Indian Tribe's across these Great United State's of America would like to relinquish their Sovereignty and Incorporate their Sovereign Territory's becoming part and parcel of these Great United State's of America; I look forward to working with Indian Affair's on this very important issue.

On Education

I look forward to working closely with the Department of Education and we will do a needs assessment behind the new Business Tax Credit and Correction's to get People Educated,
in a timely manner, for the Business sector, on the prerequisites
of high demand. My idea came from Madame Governor Bev Purdue of the fine State of North Carolina of which now have 12 course's that take under 6 month's to complete. There are approximately 5 Million student's now receiving Pell Grant's at
$ 5,500 each per year at an estimated cost of $ 27.5 Billion. We will raise Pell Grant's by $ 3,000 to $ 8,500 each per year and at an estimated cost of $ 15 Billion ; Raising the total expenditure annually for Pell Grant's to an estimated cost of $ 42.5 Billion

Campaign Finance Reform

I will like to enact Campaign Finance reform; The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Corporate Campaign Finance basing their decision on the first Amendment Freedom of Speech, of which opened up the outside possibility that an outside entity, could take control of these United States of America, in future generations, by making their Candidates fore runners, based on the amount of money that has been donated to them; I am not sure what the first Amendment Freedom of Speech has to do with Campaign Finance but they do have their own interpretation and we must stand by that; I will like to cap the amount that a Politician can receive from donor's and restrict the donation's to Businesses that are in these United States of America. What that will do for us is get control of the outside possibility that an outside entity will be able to control these United States of America, in future generations.

Pork Barrel Reform

The 1099 Law was Pork Barrelled onto health care reform which requires business's to have to file to the IRS at the point of purchase on any purchase that is $ 600.oo or more. That mean's that when a business goes to make a purchase of $600.oo or more the business purchasing and the business who was purchased from has to file to the IRS. So I look forward to Pork Barrel reform so no more Law's are Pork Barrelled onto legislation. Congress may still Pork Barrel money for the State's but they will not be able to Pork Barrel any additional Law.
Social Security Administration

As I talley we now spend $ 48.251,304 Billion Annually on
Supplemental Social Security and the Average Monthly Payment to be $499.oo Monthly. There are 8,058 million under served American's currently on Supplemental Social Security who rely on this amount to pay for rent, food, clothing, gas, electric etc. . That is not enough for some of these Ladies and Gentlemen who primarily rely on their Supplemental Social Security payment's. By FY : 2013 I project a Surplus as I will reevaluate the Upper Quentile Tax's and look forward to doubling the amount the recipient receives on Supplemental Social Security.

On Abortion

While I do not agree with abortion's I stand on the United State's Constitution and will protect it at all time's. I stand firm on Roe vs. Wade the Woman's right to choose. Nevertheless, I do not disagree with certain punitive damage's to be adjudicated against both the Father and the Mother of any child that is aborted except in the case of rape, incest or when the Woman's life is endangered. Misdemeanor first, then Felony.

Initial Expenditure / Budget Composition

I am acknowledging that with the current trajectory of Politics's as usual there is no way this could be done. However, that has everything to do with the projection's of the current Administration.

The Barack administration report's we had

$ 600.oo Billion available on our debt ceiling before we raised our debt ceiling, during the FY: 2012 budget when we raised it $ 400.oo Billion and another $ 500.oo Billion in February 2012 leaving $ 1.5 Trillion available on our debt ceiling through February 2012

This is my Initial total expenditure $  800.050 Billion to turn this
Great Nation around and put People back to work complimenting the new Business tax and Business tax credit of which is sustainable until the State's economy's are robust. What's important, America, is unless the State's are healthy then the Federal will never recover. These expenditure's are sustainable year after year until our economy is back on track.


$ 50.oo Billion to the State's allocating $ 1.oo Billion to each State as a State of Emergency Education fund. 
State of Emergency State general fund Federal Assist $ 50 Billion; $ 1 Billion to each State for recovery purposes.

Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management,
Park's and Recreation $ 40.oo Billion

Department of Transportation $ 100.oo Billion allocating $ 10.oo Billion to each State's Department of Transportation and another

$ 30.oo Billion for the Federal Department of Transportation. Totalling $ 130.oo Billion.

Department of Education $ 10.oo Billion for Education needs
assessment and fact finding and $ 15.oo Billion to raise Pell Grant's from $ 5,500 to $ 8,500 per year per student.

$50.oo Million for the new Youth Congress.

Homelessness : I am allocating $50.oo Billion toward's homelessness in America; $1 Billion to each State as 1 in 8 struggle with hunger.

Department of Home Land Security $ 30.oo Billion of which is in addition to the Department of Home Land Security's budget.

Federal Bureau of Investigation's $ 30.oo Billion of which is in addition to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's budget.

Intrapol is our International Police so we will raise their budget by $ 30.oo Billion

Immigration and Naturalization $ 15.oo Billion and $2.oo Billion for 6 special operation's unit's along the Mexico boarder.

State of Emergency, Federal assist, doubling each State's Correction's Budget $ 60.oo Billion
allocating $ 1.2 Billion to each State.

Department of Militia, State of Emergency,
Federal Assist $ 50.oo Billion; 1 Billion for each State.

Department of Justice $ 30.oo Billion for restructuring and State of Emergency Federal Assist.

Intra County Incarceration Federal Assist
$30.oo Billion

 $ 10.oo Billion for fact finding on the reinstatement Mental Health Service's

Ryan White $ 4.oo Billion

Indian Affair's, Tribal Incorporation, fact finding $ 10.oo Billion

Department of Home Land Business $ 30.oo Billion to set up the New Department of Home Land Business

Department of Commerce $ 30.oo Billion to restructure the Trade Commission to be a Department focusing on International Trade as the Department of Home Land Business take's on Home Land Business affair's

Social Security Administration $ 48.oo Billion to double Supplemental Social Security payment's, raising our
poverty level.

Which leave's $ 809.3 Billion  in revenue
before Capital Gains Tax, For a total estimated
surplus of 4,009.3 Trillion in Fiscal year 2014


Plus $ 1.13 Trillion from the repeal of Health Care Reform
Since we went ahead and raised our debt ceiling  another $1.5 Trillion; I  estimated that if I were in office today then we would have
$ 3,771,050,000,000.oo Trillion available on our Debt Ceiling and $ 4,009.3 Trillion surplus
after Business Tax revenue.

I project that we will never have to raise our Debt Ceiling again and as it is we are projected to raise our Debt Ceiling $ 2.oo Trillion annually out as far as 2065. It is my promise to ensure that the Bank's will do business with us on this initial budget expendature so that in FY:2013 we can barrow this amount, that by March Fy:2013, the Bank's and the lending institution's will have a prommisorry note from the United State's Federal Reserve. A prommissorry that by FY: 2014 we will pay down on our National Debt at the rate of $4 Trillion annually. This will gaurantee, America, that we will have a head start out in front of FY:2014 as early as March FY: 2013, right after my enaugeration. It is that I estimate a timeline for our new tax's to be though February following my enaugeration January 29th FY: 2013. Tax's first intilal budget expendature second. So put it in your calendar as Congress is ready to approve the new tax's, even as I type and I will tell you why; Bi-Partisanship; 15% on 100% on Federal tax's, Democrat and 9.75% on business tax's, Republican. This is the first time ever that Bi-Partisan tax's will be enacted. So by FY: 2013 our tax's will never go up again because Bi-Partisanship is the only sustainable form of legislation.

In addition we will reevaluate the Obama Administration FY: 2012 budget as we had a $ 180.oo Billion shortfall and the current Administration legislated cut's to our Social Safety Net's out as far as 10 yrs. in the future. All we needed at the time was to barrow the $ 180.oo Billion at the time the FY : 2012 Budget was legislated, did not need to include all the cut's of the current Administration, to retain our AAA rating; So we will reevaluate those cut's as they where based on the trajectory of the current Administration. In short we will reinstate that which we have cut to get through what the current and passed Administration's of Partisanship have envoked.



I believe that we the people have it within ourselve's to accept responsibility when it comes to diplomacy to iterate,dictate and advent the course of human event's that are Divine and we so desire; Divine also mean's: (colloq.) Pleasing and Attractive.
It is exemplified World Wide within Government's and the People.What I have suggested we do is a few gesture's of good will. By no mean's put yourselve's in harm's way,
under any circumstance's, and be happy people
Happy Pursuit of Happiness !
We are quite the team player's, human's,
have you ever noticed how orderly our road's are, Internationally. All the vehicle's going in the same direction, blinker's, light's, horn's, averting one another by common or civil law.
That tell's me that we, human's, are quite capable of working thing's out in an orderly fashion, you know, prove that the strength of our diplomacy is mightier then the might of our military. I believe that the people have the onus when it come's to diplomacy to iterate, dictate and advent the course of human event's that they so desire. That is a statement with an argument; Honk Honk, beep beep or varooooom !
It is that I have a Driver's License when I wonder that you all wonder that I am giggling at your reaction to this. I am not blowing smoke; my smog has been checked;
the people have the onus when it come's to diplomacy to iterate, dictate and advent the course of human event's that they so desire.
But I digress, something compel's me to write " On the Road again... ". But I'll save that for listening.
Charles Berty Forbes once wrote in a book of epigram's to Malcolm Forbes, at the turn of the 19th century, as he was dieing and did leave his final word's for Malcolm Forbe's. He wrote " It is oft time's the wiser man who is listening for he not only hear's what is spoken he also know's his own mind "And I add, listening unlike hearing takes a conscious effort; to stay on the road. That is not to say that by listening we become alike, it is that, one is able to come to an understanding: IE : When to gas, when to brake, how much or how quickly to do either. There is a Unique Interdependence in all we reprove; like passing the driver's test before we start.
It is not extraordinary that, that we do.
I believe that the people have the onus when it come's to diplomacy to iterate, dictate and advent the course of human event's that they so desire.
I already told you my story, I put consecutive

logical thought into my faith in
you and my love of God and simply Believe it's true. Throughout the age's we have often sought and found as did Marrow in the Mirror : When Father called marrow in out of the rain; Marrow stepped around the corner and instantly
became amused. There was another boy down the hall that looked like someone to play with ! Marrow got excited about the
new friend and began jumping and waving gladly ! It didn't take long before Marrow noticed the boy was mocking him. Marrow
got very upset as every time he raised his arms, jumped, or made a funny face, the boy did the exact same thing. Marrow
thought the boy was mocking him. Marrow continued to get angrier and angrier " Nock it off ! Nock it off !! Nock it off !!! Marrow went on until his Father came around
the corner and explained to Marrow that it was not another boy to play with at all.
It was himself in the mirror.
The Moral
of this story is that things are not always what they seem to be and I believe we can prove that the strength of our diplomacy is mightier then the might of our military. We have been like Marrow in the Mirror, Genghis Khan to Al Qaeda, and now we're angry. I most identify with the gesture of good will that the Father exemplified, you know, come out of the
rain and that, that is yourself in the Mirror. What I have suggested we do is a few gestures of good will.


I will like the opportunity to move our Great Nation forward with our Troops withdrawal from the Middle East, It is one of the reasons why Al Qaeda performs; I will like the opportunity to negotiate the United States of Israel and end the need for Nuclear Proliferation with the International Non Aggression Pact;

The Non Aggression Pact is one where with the International Community would agree not to agress into any other Nations Territory and if one did they would know that, right or wrong, the International Community would stand up for the Nation who's sovereignty has been infringed upon. The only exception being Crime's against Humanity.

The United States of Israel is already in consideration in the Middle East of which I Preempted; Palestine get's Statehood, the West Bank get's Statehood with the highest ranking official a Governor. All of Jerusalem becomes a Municipality and the highest ranking Official a Mayor; Israel then would be a Federal Government and nothing changes for any territory except that they all work together. A barukh atah for the Messianic Era when New Jerusalem is formed that the chosen people of Israel be blessed throughout all humanity for their long suffering of omnipotent's; In the name of the prophet Moses; In the name of the Father, the Son and the common denominator amongst all man kind, the Holy Ghost; Amen. I want to bless all Judaism as is ushered in the Messianic era, a Millennium of Peace contemporaneous with the Age of Aquarius. Jesus Christ beholding unil thee; Amen ! Read on . . .  

. . . I will like to bring our Troops home and send them out under the Armament to Plowshares Doctrine; It would be an Internationally ratified Doctrine that points our Military into Nation building for Third World Countries. My vision is to build aquaduct's for third world country's that are 12' X 12' and hundred's of mile's long to bring water to desalinization facility's for purification; What that will do for them is provide clean drinking water and provide for the watering of the farm land's and for live stock that will provide the nutritional content and an economy. I believe this vision for third world country's to be the only sustainable vision for their future. Another thing I look forward to besides enhancing their productivity regarding their nutritional standard is to promote a sustainable forestry industry of tree's for building material's.

I would like to have the opportunity to talk with some of the Lord's in the Middle East regarding Human Rights and Dignity ( IE: Armageddon, Armageddon is mentioned in Islam extensively, in Christianity only once and in Judaism not at all and Israel is right in the middle of it all and they already have Human Rights and Dignity; We here in America and around the World also already have Human Rights and Dignity yet we have been helping the Middle Eastern front to that end. Hence : Human Rights and Dignity ) to preserve their Uniqueness and negotiate the Crimes against Humanity of Al Qaeda being turned over to the Authorities. I want to thank the Muslim Brotherhood for kicking off Armageddon and for their new interpretation of Jihad, Holy War, for understanding it is activism to lay down one's life for what is rightfully their's; Human right's and dignity. I bless Islam for bringing God's first name forward
" Allah " God the Beneficient one, the Holy one, the all Omnipotent one; Amen. " Allah " God bless you and be with you alway's as you too form a more perfect union. I pledge my support and undieing friendship to all Islam, our Brethren and thank you again for your new interpretation of Jihad, for having the good judgement to understand how Holy activism is and for bringing God's first name forward. Allah God bless you Islam the Beneficent one, the Holy one, the all Omnipotent one; Amen.  Allah God bless us one and all; Amen.
It is our commitment to bless all Islam and the Middle Eastern Country's with the Aramament to Plowshare's Doctrine.

I am a Profiteer for Christ I would like to broach the United Nations on Christian Final Judgement and ask our Lord's Internationally to take part in a
recital that passes every Nation through Christian Final Judgement; for Posterity and Closure. It is that the Golden Rule

is throughout every belief window world wide of which passes every nation through Christian final Judgement and has been prepared since the foundation's of the Earth.

While I do not Believe in Church and State

" In God We Trust to Guide and Help Our Land;
From Day to Day We Need His Helping Hand;
Needing a Friend For Peace on Every Shore;
We Place Our Trust in God for Evermore."

Jeremiah 9:7
" I will refine them and I will test them "

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
Katherine L. Bates, 1904

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain;
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea.
O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved,
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine,
Till all success be nobleness,
And every gain divine.
O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam,
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God mend thine every flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self control,
Thy liberty in law.

United States of America Constitutional Need's Assessment

Discrimination Amendment

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency responsible for enforcing laws regarding discrimination against an applicant or an employee based on the person's race, color,religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to discriminate against a person because the person filed a complaint or lawsuit against an employer. I will seek to move all Anti-Discrimination Law's over to also being inclusive of the private sector so that our Anti-Discrimination Law's are adhered to in the private sector and to include sexual orientation.

The Gabrielle Gifford Amendment

Bio: The Gabrielle Gifford Amendment to the United States Constitution Arose out of the Senseless Tragedy that happened to Congress Woman Madame Gabrielle Gifford of Arizona where an angered Citizen made terrorist threats and later returned to shoot and kill many who where present; It Arose out of the Disregard of Terry Jone's, " Burn a Koran Day " for our Anti Discrimination Law's where with he promoted, Worldwide, People burning the Holy Scripture of another's Doctrine that almost brought these United States of America into an International Conflict; It Arose out of a contingent that marched on a Funeral in disapproval of the deceased in Florida; It is a Circumvention Amendment to Circumvent such Behavior and leave's the final decision to file charges up to the Local Jurisdiction Officers.

No Peoples Shall Defiantly Confront other
Peoples Nor Shall it be Construed that Peoples Defiantly Confronting Others be an Affront Until Appropriately Adjudicative Measures are taken and found to be such in the Court of Law. All Alleged Cases Shall be brought before Magistrate and Adjudicated as a Felony when a Death Threat is Evident and a Misdemeanor on all other Grounds.

The Reciprocity Ethic Amendment

The Federal Marriage Amendment : That All Peoples have the Right to Equal and Just Treatment Under the Statutes of Marriage.

Bio : Forwarding the Usurpation's From the 13th, 14th, 15th, and19th Amendments to the United States Constitution, Ensuring Justice for Others, The
Reciprocity Ethic Amendment stands as a Testament to our learning from our past; After 162 of 236 Years of learning that we never pass this course of Human events again and as a Testament to that end by the LGBT America an Introduction to the Parity Amendment to the United States Constitution;

The Parity Amendment :

Bio : The Parity Amendment is so that we do not keep making the same mistakes, with Equality, and Taxation, When in the Course of Human Events :

No United States Government Entity Shall, Nor Shall the State Government, Nor Local Jurisdiction or Locality of Government Levy Legislation, Nor Subsist Laws, Regulations, or Taxation's, upon the Peoples that Denies or Disparages other's Right's and Duties Levied upon the Respective People's.

There come's a time in our lives's, When in the course of Human event's, that We the People, for the People, by the People take back what is rightfully our's as Necessity Facilitates Ownership.

In Closing I want to Bless these Great United States of America with the Reputation and Solidity that only Concrete Measures will accomplish and I need your help; I can't do it without you, each and everyone; This is a Land Blessed of our Fore Fathers with the Tool's to make our World whatever we the People decide we will like to have of it, so long as we are willing to stand together, come what may, through thick and thin, through good and bad and have a Decent Respect for one another's opinion's, taking Concrete Steps that we never have to step through again. We have to at least try to be the Nation that we all would like to think of ourselves as, When in the Course of Human Events;

May God Bless You and God Bless these Great United State's of America with Peace, Health, Prosperity and a Happy Pursuit of Happiness all the rest of the days of our lives's.

These Things I Promise You I Will Do, As The 45th President Of These Great United State's of America, For Love Of Country, Love of Country Men, Women and Children, All Across These Great United State's Of America To The Best Of My Ability; I Am 48 Years Old And Old Enough To Know Better And Young Enough To Do Something About It, I Believe We Can Say The Same For These Great United State's Of America; We Are 236 Years Old And Old Enough To Know Better and Young Enough To Do Something About It !

God Bless You, God Bless These Great United State's Of America And When In The Course Of Human Event's, Happy Pursuit of Happiness America !

I am the Founder of the Moderation Affiliation and I Approve this Action.
Namaste ; Nom meyoho renga keyo

I ) Roland Durphy Menard III

In Jesus Chist's name I pray; Amen !

© 2012

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